About Eva

i love the outdoors, working in my gardens and painting my heart out

I am Eva McKinley, a teenage artist who is always inspired by the outdoors. I choose to homeschool in my high school years so I can spend more time learning and doing the things I love. My middle school experience was one I will never forget, building the best friendships in an outdoor homeschool co-op.

My family and I love to travel and we have been fortunate to visit nearly half of the US National Parks and more then two dozen countries. We recently moved to the beautiful countryside of Virginia where there is no lack of inspiration for an artist. In my free time, I love tending to my gardens, reading classic books or learning ‘old fashioned skills’ like knitting and cooking from scratch. While our family hasn’t done organized sports during the school year, we spend our summers outdoors sailing, swimming and hiking. This summer, I look forward to rowing at the beautiful Macedonian Ohrid Lake.

In this busy world, we are constantly under pressure and forced to be inside all day. My art is here to inspire you to go outside and observe nature. I try to capture the tranquility of beautiful places. The way it is still and quiet, awe inspiring and gentle, how it makes us feel at peace and creates in us joy and wonder for the outdoors. 

Follow along on my homeschooling journey as a young artist and blogger. Through my art and posts, my hope is that you feel encouraged and inspired to take risks and go on adventures.

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